Do you know the Code?

True or False:  The WFDSA Code of Ethics contains sections entitled “Conduct For the Protection of Consumers,” “Conduct Between Companies and Direct Sellers,” and “Conduct Between Companies.”

The answer is TRUE!  These three sections address the varying interactions across the spectrum of direct sales. The Code is designed to assist in the satisfaction and protection of Consumers, establish industry standards within the framework of free enterprise and enhance the public image of Direct Selling.

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WFDSA/USDSA Announce 2011 Global and U.S. Direct Selling Statistics

WFDSA/USDSA Announce 2011 Global and U.S. Direct Selling Statistics from Amy Robinson on Vimeo.

The World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA) and the U.S. Direct Selling Association announce the 2011 global and US direct selling sales and salesforce statistics during a joint press conference held on June 4, 2012, at the DSA Annual Meeting in Dallas, Texas. Alessandro Carlucci, WFDSA Chairman; Jerry Kelly, 2011-12 USDSA Chairman; and Joseph Mariano, USDSA President, present

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2011 Direct Selling Statistics

Recently, the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations and the United States Direct Selling Association jointly announced the official year-end 2011 figures for the industry, with WFDSA Board Chair Alessandro Carlucci representing the global Direct Selling industry.

Our global news was very optimistic! Here are some highlights:

  • In 2011, global direct sales increased 10% … from US$139.7 billion in retail sales in 2010 to $153.7 billion in 2011.
  • These sales were generated by the world’s 91.5 million Direct Sellers. These are the career-minded entrepreneurs who build their own businesses marketing the products/services of a Direct Selling company, as well as the part-time micro-entrepreneurs who earn extra income by doing so. This sales force of independent Direct Sellers was up 9% year-over-year.
  • Sales were UP in all major regions: Asia – Up12%; Europe – UP 4%; and the Americas – UP 11%. We always say that direct selling is a barometer of the economy – a leading indicator. And our news this year proves it. Direct selling is leading the way out of the recession.
  • The world’s Top 22 countries – all of which reported retail sales over US$1 billion – generate more than 90% of global Direct Sales. Of these, 16 countries reported sales growth in 2011. New to the group this year are Turkey and Indonesia. And if their current rates of growth hold, India and Ecuador will be included in 2012. (India at $982 million in retail sales was up 20%; and Ecuador, with sales of $903 million was up 30%.)
  • The Direct Selling story has always been one of success in both Emerging and Advanced countries. Here’s an example: The world’s Top 5 Direct Selling markets account for more than 60% of sales … 2 of these countries are considered Advanced markets / 3 are considered to be Emerging markets: United States, Japan, China, South Korea, and Brazil.

Yes! There is good news coming from the direct selling segment, but it’s not only about our growth in sales and sellers. It’s about the broad menu of opportunities that this industry offers: to those who would be independent direct sellers, their customers, and direct selling companies.

For detailed statistics, please visit the WFDSA website at

Judy Jones, Amway Corporation & Chair, WFDSA Global Research Sub-committee on behalf of the committee


“Direct Selling Global Statistics are the result of work by the WFDSA Global Research team and countless other people worldwide. It is my privilege to work with this team of professional researchers to compile solid information that will help convey the positive story of Direct Selling and its empowering impact on the world.”


Judy Jones, Amway Corporation & WFDSA Global Research Sub-committee Chair


“Around the world, the stories of the incredible journeys many people have taken to success through direct selling tell a poignant tale of individual achievement, but it is through our global statistics that we can begin to understand the true impact of this vibrant business model.”

 Alessandro Carlucci, WFDSA Chairman & CEO Natura Cosmeticos

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Russian DSA (RDSA)

Tamara Shokareva, Chair of the Russian DSA (RDSA), made a presentation “Self-regulation on the Consumer Market: Russian Direct Selling Association Experience” at the International Conference dedicated to the 20th Anniversary of  Russian Law on consumer rights protection that was  organized by Federal Service for Consumers’ Rights Protection and Human Welfare (Rospotrebnadzor) and  was held in Moscow  on April 5-6, 2012 .

Full story:

In English –

In Russian –

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Over the last twelve months the DSA in the UK has been driving through a major transformation, with the overall objective of increasing national profile whilst adding additional value to it’s member companies.

Director General, Paul Southworth said ” We exist to serve the industry as a whole, and pivotal to that is for our members to feel they receive value for the subscriptions they pay. Our prime focus is to ensure we add that value by protecting their interests, offering advice where needed and searching for new initiatives which bring member benefits.”

The last year in the UK has seen positive change built on five major platforms…..

1) PR – the engagement of a professional PR Agency has led to over 100 positive industry articles in all major national press and supported with company case studies.

National and local radio and national TV interviews with Southworth have brought excellent comments from members who truly believe our profile is moving forward.

2) WEBSITE – A completely new interactive website was launched and is contributed to on a weekly basis by web administrators identified in the companies, which has resulted in traffic moving from 20 visits per month to an average of 400 per day.

3) EDUCATION / LOBBYING – Links have now been formed with two Universities and increased Government lobbying has led to the first ever reception for Direct Selling to be held with key Ministers in the House of Parliament in July.

4) SOCIAL MEDIA – Embracing the Social Media trends has resulted in hundreds of followers to our Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages.

5) REWARDS PROGRAMME – finally our latest initiative is the launch of our first ever Rewards Programme at our annual Conference.

The programme allows Distributors and Employees in all our member companies to participate in a comprehensive programme by purchasing a pack containing a DSA lapel pin, shopping discount card for over 400 retail chains, holiday discount packages, public liability insurance and finally tax advice.

All this arrives in a DSA / Company branded pack with an explanatory CD and offers over £1000 of value for the price of just £20.

In just the first couple of weeks over 25,000 packs have been ordered.

All in all major strides have been taken in the UK with promises of much more to come over the next twelve months.

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French DSA organized its annual event in Brussels  
On May 29 to 31 more than 180 participants gathered for the annual event of the French DSA organized for the first time in Brussels, to give it a European focus. Representation from other European DSA were present, Belgian of course but also form Switzerland, Luxembourg and Italy with a workshop dedicated to those markets.Mixture of plenary sessions, workshops and networking, one highlight of the event was the introduction by the French Ministry of Employment of a 35 page brochure presenting the direct selling industry in France on the basis of an 18 months study carried out by two consumer research institutes and paid for by the State. This is a wonderful official recognition step with very positive messages about growth in the industry and some suggestions for further actions. In addition to that brochure a 4 pager providing the economical facts of the industry was also created by on of the research institutes. Both documents are extremely valuable and can make companies and sellers proud of the industry they belong to. They estimated the French direct selling market at above 5 billion dollars.During the event, an agreement was also signed with the second larger organization helping people find a job as a strengthening of the already existing agreement to support the creation of 100 thousands job in the direct selling industry over three years, which is well on track

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European DSA’s Annual Conference

European DSA’s Annual Conference

Seldia, the European Direct Selling Association, will hold its 2nd Round Table on the Future of Direct Selling in Milan, Italy, on the 3rd of October 2012. This major European event will take place in conjunction with Seldia internal meetings and General Assembly, and with the WFDSA Secretaries Seminar.

Open to all, this annual conference will feature two panels and three workshops which will cover a variety of topics of interest to direct selling companies, DSA professionals and all those outside the sector with a particular interest in the Direct Selling industry. Simultaneous translation Italian/English will be available.

High profile speakers such as MEP Anna-Maria Corazza Bildt, WFDSA Chairman Alessandro Carlucci, Oriflame CEO Magnus Brännström and many others have already confirmed their participation.

Interested to participate? Visit the Seldia website for registration or contact Marie Lacroix in Seldia (

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WFDSA Global Ethics Toolkit

In order to ensure our industry remains in the forefront of highest ethical business practices, we have designed the WFDSA Global Ethics Toolkit to make it easier for DSAs and their member  companies to Follow, Communicate and Promote the Code. We have prepared concise, compelling materials to help you communicate the Code to internal as well as external audiences.  In the tool kit, you will find the Code At a Glance Brochure, the one-page handouts for Our Promise to Consumers and Our Promise to Direct Sellers and a wallet-sized What Direct Seller Needs to Know card. Included is also a PowerPoint presentation to introduce the Code that would make an excellent orientation tool for new members.

The Code of Ethics Q&A for Salesforce poses ethical questions based on real-life situations for training and discussion that will demonstrate practical applications of the Code. There is an answer key with full explanations of the correct response to assist the training leader.

All of the materials in the tool kit are print ready and easily customizable with company name and logo so you can personalize the message and identify it as your corporate commitment.

For information on the Recognition portion of the program please refer to .
We encourage comments on the tool kit materials and will incorporate your ideas and suggestions to continue to make our materials more relevant. Please send us your success stories and examples of how you have used the tool kit in your daily practices.

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Two DSAs Achieve Gold Status

WFDSA would like to congratulate the DSAs of Peru and Malaysia for achieving Gold Status in the Code of Ethics Recognition Program for 2011.  Their dedication and hard work will contribute to raising the ethical standards and professionalism in our industry!

We would also like to recognize the DSAs’ individual member companies who participated in the Code of Ethics Recognition Program and encourage other DSAs’ member companies to participate this year.

In Peru, the following ten companies participated in the program:

  • Avon Productos
  • Belcorp
  • Herbalife de Perú
  • Natura Cosméticos
  • Unique
  • 4Life
  • Tahitian Noni
  • Dupree
  • Swissjust
  • Forever Living Products

In Malaysia, the following twenty five companies fulfilled the criteria in the on-going program:

  • CNI Enterprise (M) Sdn Bhd
  • Gano Excel Enterprise Sdn Bhd
  • Grolier (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
  • Totalife (M) Sdn Bhd
  • Viva Life Science Sdn Bhd
  • Zhulian Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd
  • Forever Living Products (M) Sdn Bhd
  • Elken Sdn Bhd
  • Nu Skin (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
  • Amway (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
  • Avon Cosmetics (M) Sdn Bhd
  • QNet (M) Sdn Bhd
  • DNMC International Sdn Bhd
  • Diamond Interest Sdn Bhd
  • Americ Corporation Sdn Bhd
  • Mary Kay (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
  • UHS Essential Health (M) Sdn Bhd
  • Shuang Hor Enterprise (M) Sdn Bhd
  • Shaklee Products (M) Sdn BHd
  • Hai-O Marketing Sdn Bhd
  • Vita Lifesciences Sdn Bhd
  • PHHP Marketing Sdn Bhd
  • Stemtech Malaysia Sdn Bhd
  • DXN Marketing Sdn Bhd
  • Worldwellness Network Sdn Bhd

If you would like additional information on the Global Code of Ethics Recognition program and the levels of participation, please visit for full details or contact Maureen Paniagua at

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Facebook Quiz: Are direct selling companies required to comply with the DSA Code of Ethics?

Yes, Companies that are members of the Direct Selling Association pledge to adopt, enforce and publicize the DSA Code of Ethics.  Companies pledge to adopt and enforce a code of conduct that incorporates the substance of the provisions of this Code as a condition of admission and continuing membership in the DSA. Companies also pledge to publicize this Code, its general terms as they apply to Consumers and Direct Sellers, and information about where Consumers and Direct Sellers may obtain a copy of this Code.  Read the code here. (link to

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