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August  2016



Upcoming Events


CEO Council Meeting will be held on November 8-9, 2016

World Congress XV will be held on October 1-3, 2017


World Congress XV
with the Future” October 2017

The World Congress (WC) titled “Rendezvous with the Future”  will be held on October 1 – 3, 2017 in Paris, France and will cover various topics concerning the global direct selling industry. This event will bring together DSAs, member company executives, government
officials, academia and the media from all over the world.  Please remember to mark your calendar for this exciting event!


 WFDSA Association Performance program for the Latin America RegionAD 

July 28-29, 2016, the Bolivian DSA hosted WFDSA’s Association Performance Program for the Latin American DSAs in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. General Secretaries and company executives from all over the Latin and Central American region participated in the event.
The format of the seminar was very interactive. The seminar focused on various issues, including exchange of best practices, DSA performance standards, new initiatives, discussion on case studies on marketing issues and the unveiling of the Spanish version
of the Global Government Relations toolkit.  The toolkit will be located on the member’s only section of the website shortly.   One of Bolivia’s largest newspapers interviewed Executive Director Tamuna Gabilaia about the developments of the industry in the
region and published an article about the event. The seminar was very productive and WFDSA would like to extend special thanks to its gracious hosts -Direct Selling Bolivia Executive Director Milka Ortiz,

Gastón Pacheco (Natura, Bolivia) and Cecilia Zelaya (Yanbal Bolivia). 



Click on the link below to view photos from the event:

Fernando Bertrán from the DSA of Chile commented: “This year’s APP Seminar proved to be a very interesting and enjoyable one. Most of the discussions were very helpful to the DSAs and provided new insights on matters that must be dealt with on a daily basis,
such as the regulatory aspects of our businesses, including those referred to tax compliance and the independency of the sales forces. Likewise, a case study regarding the building up of the DSAs membership was very helpful”.


Wilbert Rosales from the DSA of Costa Rica commented: “The best sessions were the workshops. We had an opportunity to discuss closely and
in a more appropriate manner the themes. The collective facts expressed for each member of the team permitted for all of us to have a more realistic and amplified view of the case studies. I personally think that some of the DSA marketing feedback will be
of a great help for us in Costa Rica”.


Alberto Villamil from the DSA of Argentina commented: “This year we have had the opportunity to attend the WFDSA APP Seminar in Bolivia.
The APP is probably the event with greater added value of our organization, and we can say that, in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, these features were reaffirmed.   The sessions were very enlightening and, as always, allow us to analyze problems and share solutions
to the various issues that are common to all DSA’s. Also, out of the Seminar sessions, in circumstantial encounters or leisure appears as always the value of sharing with good people, who are also very suitable in their work, and personally valuable. The Latin
American team is very united, and this helps in getting results. Undoubtedly, all attendees have enjoyed and benefited from this, once more. I would like to highlight the excellent work of staff ASOEM and perfect organization of the event, which made us feel
very entertained and comfortable.  It really was a pleasure to share this seminar. Many congratulations to all of them”.


Herbalife International/ FTC Settlement AUS 


On July 15, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) concluded its two-year enquiry into Herbalife International, a prominent and long-time
USDSA member company.  The settlement resulted in the following:   

  • The company agreed to pay $200 million for consumer redress to settle FTC charges
  • The company shall classify preferred (retail customers) who register in the company’s program, but do not have a right to receive compensation, versus participants enrolled to pursue business opportunity
    as active distributors
  • The company is proscribed from making any misleading and/or deceptive claims regarding income potential

While the settlement is applicable only to Herbalife – and the company’s operations in the United States – and does not establish broader industry standards, the USDSA
General Counsel Committee did conduct a thorough review of the settlement to ascertain any implications and takeaways for the direct selling channel in general.

The USDSA continues its dialogue and collaboration with the FTC, Herbalife and the wider membership, with view to strengthening business practices and standards that
protect consumers and provide guidance to direct selling companies.



 DSA of the Philippines Update


DSA of the Philippines (DSAP) provided strong touch points for consumer education on relevant direct selling topics with two
major initiatives in June and July 2016.

The first event was the DSAP Public Forum with the theme “Ethical Entrepreneurship “which was held in June 2016. The forum
provided attendees with fresh direct selling insights with topics such as the integrity initiative, understanding the DSAP 8 point test, investment schemes and outlook on entrepreneurship.  Speakers included government and private sectors representatives from
Mansmith & Fielders Inc., Integrity Initiative, National Bureau of Investigation and Department of Trade & Industry.  Highlights of the event included the Q&A where attendees had the chance to ask questions to the panel of speakers.  Another highlight was
the signing of an “Integrity Pledge” by the DSAP Board of Directors as a form of commitment to ethical business practices and good corporate governance.


The second DSAP event was the “6th Management Conference” with the theme “The Entrepreneurial Mindset”.  Speakers spoke about various topics such as leading the entrepreneurial mindset, building a business empire, coaching and mentoring and financial management.



Canadian DSA Update  Canada

The Canadian DSA recently held a very successful Conference in Mont-Trémblant, Québec. The Canadian DSA was pleased with the largest attendance
in their history and received positive feedback.


During the conference, the DSA launched a new socio-economic impact study in conjunction with Nathan Associates that shows that direct
selling businesses are thriving in the Canadian market.  Some highlights from the 2015 research include the following:

  • Total direct selling revenues in Canada are up 10% from our last study reaching $2.41 billion (CAD $) annually.
  • The ISC count of 1.2 million is up 36% from our last study.
  • The total direct, indirect and induced impact to the Canadian economy is over $5.0 billion (CAD $) per year.
  • 82% of our Member ISCs are women, 86% feel good about the outlook for our Industry and 95% would recommend becoming an ISC to others.

The Canadian DSA is working collaboratively with member companies the new Canadian Government to spread the positive news! 


Ecuadorian DSA Update


 The Ecuadorian DSA with the academic support of Universidad San Francisco de Quito has developed the first certificate in
“Direct Selling Business Management “at the national and international level. The certification is divided into part-time virtual and real time classes.  On July 4th, the preparatory course began and the actual program will begin on October 18th.  This is
the first program offered throughout the Latin American region.


For more information on the program, please refer to the following link: 




U.S. DSA’s 2016 Business & Policy Conference


U.S. DSA is bringing its world-class Business & Policy Conference (formerly the Global Strategies Summit) to Washington, Oct. 24 – 25.
Join us and get up to speed on the very latest U.S. and European business trends and the policies that influence them.

In the United States and key international direct selling markets, knowing the ins and outs of an increasingly complex business, regulatory
and legal climate can give you and your team an advantage in the marketplace and help chart your company’s future path toward success.

If you are a mid-level or senior executive responsible for U.S. and international strategy and execution, this program will help you understand
and answer key questions that guide important business and policy decisions at home and abroad. Please mark your calendar and plan to attend.

Please refer to the following link for more information:



CEO Council Meeting


The next WFDSA CEO Council meeting will be held on November 8 – 9, 2016 in San Francisco, California.

WFDSA will host an informal dinner on November 7th and the cocktail reception and formal dinner on November 8th.  The full day meetings
will be held on November 8 – 9, 2016.    

For more information on the CEO Council meeting, please contact Tamuna Gabilaia at:
tgabilaia@wfdsa.org and Maureen Paniagua at:




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