29th Edition

December  2015




Upcoming Events


We will announce  next year events at the beginning of 2016

World Congress XV will be held on October 1-3, 2017

Seldia Lunch Debate at the European ParliamentRussia


On December 9, 2015, Selida

and the European Direct Selling Association and the Women Entreprenurship Platform (WEP) organziaed their second lunch debate of the year
in the European Parliament. The event was attened by more than 100

partcipants including members of the European Parliment as well as key stakeholders involved in women entrepreneurship issues. 


The event was sponsored by four committed members of the European Parliament; Sirpa Pietikäinen, Terry Reintke, Kaja Kallas and Jutta Steinruck.
The event focused on the impact of new technologies and digital tools used by women entrepreneurs businesses. One of the distinguished speakers, Emma Joost Ter Beerst (Stella & Dot France) explained how direct selling is empowering women by allowing them to
build their own business with digital tools and training provided by the company they represent.

Message from Chairman DeVos 


As the year comes to a close, marking my first year as WFDSA Chairman, I would like to express my sincere gratitude and acknowledge everyone
who has strengthened the mission of WFDSA. These efforts and initiatives impact our ability to promote the highest standards of direct selling in the market place.


The energy and momentum the WFDSA Committee Chairs create to ensure alignment with the Long Range Plan, set goals, targets, and timelines
for WFDSA demonstrates our unity in purpose in having direct selling realize it’s potential.

A special thanks to the national associations’ continued implementation of the Long Range Plan under the leadership of successive chairmen, shows the strength of the governance and the commitment of the Associations in partnership with WFDSA.


As Chairman of the Federation, I will continue to work hard to stay connected to all of you, so that we can lead the industry forward,
and continue to be responsive to the immediate needs of WFDSA member organizations.


I wish you all a successful end to 2015, and look forward to working with all of you in the New Year!  

from WFDSA Executive Director 


Every year WFDSA, our member DSAs and SELDIA produce more results and help to advance the cause of the industry worldwide.
2015 was a very important year for WFDSA as some very important initiatives took place as outlined below by the Committee Chairs.  One of the big opportunities that exist as we look forward to 2016 and beyond are our ability to align around common industry
messaging that will remove doubt regarding the mystery, the misunderstanding and the misrepresentations. With clear concise language that normalizes our business around the globe we can speak with one comprehensive voice.  I want to thank the CEO Council,
the Operating Group, SELDIA, the Association Advisory Council members and all our DSAs staff and company volunteers for all their contributions which make our progress possible.   We look forward to our collaboration in 2016!   

Committee (AC) Thai


On behalf of the AC, we are excited to introduce a refreshed WFDSA logo and brand logo guide.  Building upon the communications plan of
the AC, we have worked towards refreshing the WFDSA brand and logo to provide consistency in messaging on the new WFDSA website currently under development and all printed  and social media communication assets to DSAs and member companies.

The new website development will enable great efficiencies that include the new logo, brand guidelines and language.  Most importantly
the WFDSA logo has always included a design of the globe.  The new WFDSA logo features a modern globe that alone can represent the essence of the WFDSA brand with an up to date color palette. 

Services Committee (ASC)

The ASC has continued to work over the past 12 months to engage with prospective new DSAs.  The committee is looking to create new DSAs in Africa and the United Arab Emirates.


The ASC not only focuses on creating new DSAs but also on existing DSAs through conducting regional Association Performance
Programs that were held in Chile and Thailand this past year; as well as the Secretaries Seminar.  In 2015, a new agenda format was added to these programs to include high-level interactive sessions which provided DSAs with real problem solving activities.
This new format was well-received by DSAs.


Another key initiative of the committee is setting minimum performance standards for DSAs to meet and promoting DSAs to achieve
higher levels of performance by ranking DSAs from Platinum down to the minimum standard of Bronze level. This year the option of how to quality for Platinum level has opened up to include new options but still includes a strong focus on mentoring of lessor
DSAs. The new options are all aimed to building the strengths of DSAs in relation to education, research, social media and media communications. 


Committee (EC)

The objective of the EC is to administer, promote and enforce the Codes of Conduct and implement programs aimed at improving the self-regulatory
activities of the local DSAs.

The EC and Sub-Committee have been working diligently in revising some articles of the WFDSA Model Code of Ethics during this past year.  The goal is to raise the bar on ethics and strengthen the Model Code in the marketplace as well as translate it in four
languages.  The proposed changes were recently discussed during the CEO Council meeting in Beijing, China in November.  Per the CEO Council direction, some articles still need to be further refined.  Both committees will be meeting in the first quarter of
2016 to discuss further. 


Another focus of the EC this year is promoting the use of the WFDSA Model Code of Ethics Toolkit.  The Ethics Toolkit reminders and how
to participate were given during the Secretaries Seminar in Sweden and the Association Performance Programs in Bangkok, Thailand and Santiago, Chile.  The Ethics toolkit contains flexible tools for DSAs and their members to communicate and promote the Code
to the widest audience possible and to educate various constituencies around the world about the best business practices and ethical standards of the direct selling industry.  Toolkit and information about the initiative is located on the WFDSA website at:

Regulatory Affairs Committee (GRAC)


 As 2015 draws to an end, I would like to thank all DSA staff and company volunteers for all their support and contributions to the work
of GRAC.   The committee continued monitoring global regulatory climate by continuously updating and making the Global Industry Threat Report (https://www.wfdsa.org/legal_reg/) available to member companies and


Another key initiative included training DSAs and member companies utilizing the recently finalized Global Regulatory Toolkit.  The toolkit
which contains such materials as the Threat Report, position papers, PowerPoint presentations and a Government Relations Handbook is an essential tool to ensure we are all on the same page and on top of various legislative processes and effective lobbying
practices.  The toolkit which is updated regularly with the help of our DSAs is located on the WFDSA member only section:


In view of the recent ban on multi-level marketing in Bahrain, GRAC established communications with the Ministry of Industry and Commerce
and offered our help in educating the Government about legitimate direct selling companies and pyramid schemes.  We’ve collected several examples of model legislation around the world, specifically from Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia and provided it to
the government. 


In order to ensure that our direct selling community has easy access to various direct selling laws from around the world, we added a requirement
for the DSAs to publish a link to the laws on the DSAs website and be responsible for timely and accurate updates.


The GRAC also published awareness and educational article in the June issue of WNews addressing the topic of data privacy.


We held regulatory training sessions for DSA staff and company volunteers at the regional Association Performance Seminars in Thailand,
Chile and the DSA Secretaries Seminar in Sweden.  As the feedback was outstanding, we will continue conducting such training sessions and enhance them with guest speakers.


In December, WFDSA in cooperation with the USDSA, SELDIA and a number of member companies visited Geneva.  The purpose of the trip was
to engage trade negotiators in participating Trade in Service Agreement (TISA) countries in an effort to educate delegations on the direct selling channel and bolster support for the direct selling annex.  This was accomplished via specific delegation meetings
such as pre-arranged discussions with Japan, Korea, and Australia as well as a luncheon and policy conference hosted by WFDSA aimed at gathering a critical mass of country representatives and diplomats together in order to explain the channel both from a general
level and to delve into the particulars of the annex.  We will keep everyone informed of the next steps.


I am looking forward to a productive 2016! 

Direct Selling Survey 

The Global Direct Selling Statistical Survey is conducted annually by the WFDSA and its Global Research Sub-Committee (GRS).


The GRS team is made up of some 15-18 DSA and member company representatives from all over the world, plus third party vendor Nathan Associates.


On a global, regional and local country basis, the survey seeks to

1/ size the direct selling industry in terms of sales (estimated retail sales)

2/ and also to quantify the size of the sales force

3/ By tracking these statistics annually, it gives us trending: both year-over-year growth and compound annual growth rates  


Annual Statistics are posted on the WFDSA website in the Statistics Section, available publicly 24×7.


Accurate statistics tell the positive story of Direct Selling to Government officials and regulators, the media, academia, the investment
community plus consumer groups and the public. As well, DSA member companies use industry stats for sizing Direct Selling locally, regionally, globally. And for member companies, the research is used to benchmark against industry norms; identify industry trends;
and develop growth strategies.


None of this could be done without you! Enormous thanks to all who participated in WFDSA industry research in 2015. We look forward to
working with you in 2016. Here’s the 2016 Research Calendar.



  Entrepreneur and Consumer – Steps Towards Each Other seldia


On December 2-3 – 2015, the International Conference “Entrepreneur and Consumer – Steps Towards Each Other” was held in Moscow.
The Conference organizers were the Russian Direct Selling Association (RDSA) and the International Confederation of Consumer Societies (CONFOP) with the support of WFDSA.


On December 2nd, the conference consisted of two parts: the plenary session and a round table discussion. WFDSA Executive Director, Tamuna
Gabilaia presented an overview of the global direct selling industry.  The plenary session focused on marketing of goods and services in e-commerce. The round table discussions included the most critical consumer rights protection issues in distance direct
selling as well as a new proposed form of small business taxation – a patent for self-employed that is being developed by the RF government.


On December 3rd, the participants were given the opportunity to continue the discussions on consumer rights protection issues at the RF
State Duma (Russian Parliament).

 United Kingdom DSA Awards Ceremony

The UK DSA hosted its first ever UK Industry Direct Selling awards ceremony titled “The Stars of Direct Selling” in November at Whittlebury
Hall.  The award ceremony recognized eight of the most outstanding direct sellers in the United Kingdom. The awards were judged by Saira Khan from the Apprentice and TV Presenter, Tricia Phillips, the Daily Mirror’s award-winning small business editor, Kalpana
Fitzpatrick, financial journalist and founder of MummyMoneyMatters.com and Lynda Mills, Director General of the UK DSA.


The award categories were as follows:  direct selling rising star of the year, young direct seller of the year, 50+ direct seller of the
year, direct selling partnership of the year, direct selling mentor of the year, part-time direct seller of the year, direct selling star of the year and mumpreneur of the year.


The UK DSA received amazing feedback about the event says Lynda Mills.  Both the companies involved and the direct sellers who attended
enjoyed the industry recognition and want the event to be even bigger next year.  Direct selling industry recognition has been part of my vision for some time Lynda commented.  ” Not only is the success of our direct sellers recognized nationally and we have
seen lots of media coverage, the benefits provided by the UK DSA to all member companies can be more widely understood by everyone and used as a strong tool in their business.”


Direct Selling Association of Singapore and Consumer Association of Singapore Public Forum

On November 28, 2015, the Direct Selling Association of Singapore (DSAS) and the Consumer Association of Singapore (CASE) partnered together for a one year education campaign titled “Smart Consumers, Smart Purchase”.  The goal of the public forum was to educate
and raise awareness among the public especially the elderly and housewives on their rights as consumers. 

Direct Selling Association of Spain

The DSA of Spain recently held a General Assembly meeting in Madrid.  The event was attended by Carmen Cassero , the General Director of
the Independent Work at the Spanish Ministry of Labor who deals with entrepreneurship.  Her presence at the meeting allowed member companies to check the strong commitment of the Spanish public administration in their policies to boost entrepreneurship. Self-employment
is seen as an added value bringing not only personal development but also prosperity to the economy in Spain.   

The New Year! Recaps and Predictions! 

Here’s a recap of 2015 and predictions for 2016 from around the world.


Canada: The DSA of Canada’s biggest success
was strengthening their relationship with the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO). This included a meeting with the Prime Minister (PM), a recorded video message from him for member companies and their independent sales contractors, a welcome message from him for
conference delegates and having a Q & A opportunity specific to the industry with the PM.


In 2016, the government will change in Canada. The DSA will be actively reaching out to the new government MPs and officials to ensure
they understand the value direct selling brings to the Canadian economy.  Meetings with MPs will be set up in the Spring of 2016.  The President and Board Chair will also be meeting with government during the year to reestablish relationships


Malaysia: The DSAM biggest positive challenge
in 2015 was the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) in Malaysia.   In the midst of this enforcement, there was also the Price Control and Anti-Profiteering Act that prohibits profit margin increases until mid-2016.   As this is a major progression
in tax c