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March   2016


Upcoming Events

Secretaries Seminar will be held on June 22 – 23, 2016

Association Performance Program for the Latin American Region will be held on July 28-29 , 2016

CEO Council Meeting will be held on November 8-9, 2016

World Congress XV will be held on October 1-3, 2017



WFDSA would like to extend a warm welcome to the newest CEO Council member

Graeme Clegg,Executive Chairman, New Image International Ltd.


WFDSA would like to inform you that Mr. Amit Chadha has been appointed as the Secretary General of the Indian DSA.  Welcome to the industry!

WFDSA would like to welcome the DSA of Paraguay

as a provisional member of the Federation.

 Direct Selling Australia 2016 Annual Conference 

Direct Selling Australia (DSA) recently held its 2016 Annual Conference. The Conference theme “People Empowerment” recognises the importance
of investing in people and examined how we value and empower our people at both corporate and field levels. After all, direct selling is a people industry and human capital is our most important asset. Keynote presentations were delivered from worldwide experts
and covered such topics as investing in people, leadership and empowering sellers, as well as using data driven and cost effective marketing.


The event kicked off with a one-on-one mentoring and sharing session followed by an interactive think tank on the issues affecting all
direct selling businesses. There was a session focusing on global direct selling performance from WFDSA Executive Director Tamuna Gabilaia and Executive Director of New Zealand DSA and WFDSA Association Services Chair Garth Wyllie. Direct Selling Australia
presented new initiatives around the promotion of direct selling and important information on the current and emerging market and regulatory issues. Industry leaders presented case studies on what’s driving their success as well as performance management and
the measures they use for strategic and operational purposes. There were also sessions about best practices and new initiatives in both sales and marketing.


DSA was pleased to have representatives from WFDSA and DSAs from the Asia / Pacific region attend the above mentioned event for the first

WFDSA Association Performance program for the Asia Pacific RegionFR


On March 9-10, 2016, the Direct Selling Australia hosted WFDSA’s Association Performance Program for the Asian / Pacific  DSAs in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. Secretaries and company executives from the Asia Pacific region participated in the event.
The format of the seminar was very interactive. The seminar focused on various issues, including exchange of best practices, DSA performance standards, new initiatives, discussion on case studies on regulatory and marketing issues and a company visit of Your
Inspiration at Home. Collen Walters, CEO of Your Inspiration at Home gave a tour their facility.  The seminar was very productive and WFDSA would like to extend a special thanks to its gracious host -Direct Selling Australia Executive Director John Holloway,
General Manager Daniel Hoeing and Marketing & Communications Manager Jen Usher.


Lawrence Cheah from the DSA of Malaysia commented “It was a very good platform for the sharing of ideas and best practices
plus an excellent source for the latest information and updates of the overall direct selling industry within the region. It is in these regional meetings that WFDSA can gauge the uniqueness of the industry within the respective regions and provide the necessary
support for the DSAs. One of the continuing features of the meeting is the visit to homegrown direct selling companies. It is in these visits that DSAs gain an hands-on understanding of the challenges, progress and growth of the industry in the respective


Anne Chuang from Taiwan R.O.C. DSA commented “WFDSA   provided very useful information on best practices during the event.
The discussion on DSA performance standards has given us guidance and direction to improve our DSA to another level.  Lastly, the exchange of best practices from other markets is useful for us to provide better service to our members”.   


Global Regulatory Affairs Committee (GRAC))


How well do you know your suppliers?


From frozen shrimp to surf gear, companies of all types have been making headlines when slave labor is discovered in their supply chains.
Additionally, recent news stories are replete with reports of huge anti-corruption sanctions for activities carried out by a company’s contractors. Couple these huge reputational and monetary risks with ever more complex and disperse supply chains, and the
critical question becomes: how well do you know your suppliers?

The trend toward enforcing better supplier visibility and accountability is gathering steam as more governments begin to pass laws targeting supplier transparency. Most recently, the UK passed the UK Modern Slavery Act, which is similar in nature to the U.S.
State of California’s Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010, in that it simply requires companies of a certain size to publish a statement about what actions they are taking to combat slave labor in their supply chains.


As direct sellers, we are naturally hyper-focused on knowing everything we can about our customers: the independent sales force. However,
as increased regulatory scrutiny meets increased exposure via social media channels, knowing your suppliers and their business practices becomes more critical every day. For many companies, lack of visibility into supplier practices runs parallel to growth.
In other words, small companies probably start out with a very small number of trusted, local suppliers that they know very well. Then, as they grow, their supply chains become increasingly complex and varied, until suddenly those few trusted suppliers have
become multitudes of international vendors.


DSAs around the world should consider raising awareness about the trend toward increased supplier transparency with their member companies
so that the direct selling industry can make sure it is at the forefront of developing best practices for ethical supply chains. After all, an amazing selling opportunity depends upon a safe and ethical product story.  

Dietary Supplements and the Natural Products Law in New ZealandPR


The New Zealand DSA continues to lobby for more sensible and pragmatic regulation in the proposed Natural Products law. The
law has been amended significantly and draft regulations have had very strong submissions across industry to amend the initial proposals.

The Ministry of Health has confirmed that no cosmetics or sunscreen products will now be captured by this law which was implied under the draft regulations however dietary supplements will still have a stronger regulation and the cost of registering will be
increased. Major concerns remain around the use of a white list of ingredients, what level of GMP will be acceptable and the requirement for export certificates to be issued.

The Ministry of Health has offered to accept notifications for any ingredient in an existing product that is not on the white list (combination of the Canadian and Australian lists). The product containing the ingredient must already be in the market but notifications
will remain free until at least May 2016. The DSA is recommending that companies take advantage of this to ensure that no existing product is forced to be taken off the market when the law finally passes.
The law remains locked in the Parliamentary process however with no sign it will pass any-time soon and so the status quo will continue for the foreseeable future.    

DSA of Canada Annual Conference canada

DSA of Canada’s Annual Conference will be held on

June 26 – June 29, 2016 at the Fairmont Tremblant in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec.

Whether it is in strategy, commitment, goal setting, personal development, training, agility and teamwork – the DSA is putting together an agenda to help you contend for success in business.


Speakers include Brandon Barber (the Brandon Barber Coaching Group) who trains leaders and their teams to clarify their thought processes
in order to quickly achieve greater productivity and accountability. “Our scientifically-validated assessment measures how a person thinks and creates a unique report that details individual strengths and challenges. Within minutes, we uncover what takes most
coaches and therapists months to discover, helping individuals become aware of what’s getting in the way of their success,” says Brandon.


And there’s more! Social selling strategist and direct sales executive, Michelle McDonough will share industry best practices with a focus
on each area of the direct sales business model and how to maximize the core competency performances.


For registration forms and updates check out the DSA of Canada’s website:   http://dsa.ca/2016-dsa-conference.



Board of Delegates Meeting

The next WFDSA Board of Delegates meeting will be held on Sunday, June 5, 2016 in conjunction with the US DSA Annual Meeting in Phoenix, at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort & Spa.  For more information, please contact:  Maureen Paniagua at:



Secretaries Seminar 
Judy CEO


The WFDSA Secretaries Seminar will be held on June 22 – 23, 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden in conjunction with SELDIA’s Board of Directors meeting for convenience.


The purpose of the Secretaries Seminar is to provide a forum for DSA staff to exchange information on best practices in association management
and to build leadership skills. Around 20 DSA staff from the European, Latin America and Asian region will participate in this event.



For more information, please contact


Association Performance Program for the Latin American Regio


The next Association Performance Program (APP) for the Latin American region will be held on July 28 – 29, 2916 in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.


The purpose of the seminar is to assist paid DSA staff employees as well as company volunteers in better managing their national DSAs,
improving the value of the services they can deliver to member companies and assisting them in meeting WFDSA’s standards of excellence.


For more information, please contact



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Global Threat Report


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Current Direct Selling Laws

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