32nd Edition

April / May   2016

Upcoming Events

Secretaries Seminar will be held on June 22 – 23, 2016

Association Performance Program for the Latin American Region will be held on July 28-29 , 2016

CEO Council Meeting will be held on November 8-9, 2016

World Congress XV will be held on October 1-3, 2017


Advocacy Committee

The WFDSA Advocacy Committee is delivering on the strategic objectives within the WFDSA Long Range Plan, through a comprehensive communications
plan that aligns around common industry messaging with clear, concise language.  The committee is working towards the development of assets including a message playbook and presentation template that can be used by DSA and Industry executives with key stakeholders.
Highlights include – A balance optimism and credibility in our tone.  The guidebook gives key descriptors for the right and wrong tone.  Our narrative must include products, opportunities to earn extra income and distributors sharing their passions.


Building upon the communications plan, WFDSA brand refresh has been completed to provide consistency in messaging on a new website and
all communications assets for DSAs and member companies.  The updated logo and brand guidebook reflect  an updated WFDSA global brand.  Contact Maureen Paniagua for brand usage guidelines.


The WFDSA website redesign to enable greater efficiencies in managing updates, leveraging updated brand guidelines and language will be
launched in June 2016!




World Congress XV “Rendezvous with the Future” October 2017


The World Congress (WC) titled “Rendezvous with the Future”  will be held on October 1 – 3, 2017 in Paris, France and will cover various topics concerning the global direct selling industry. This event will bring together DSAs, member company executives, government
officials, academia and the media from all over the world.  Please remember to mark your calendar for this exciting event!


Sanchez de Anda

t is with deep sadness and regret that we share the news that Guillermo Sanchez de Anda passed away on April 8th. Guillermo was 79 years old and was born on December 28, 1936 in
Orizaba, Mexico.


Guillermo spent 45 years in direct selling as an employee and consultant with only one company: Avon. He began his career in branch operations
and ended his career as a Vice President Human Resources / Legal and Government Relations.


He was a key player in the creation of WFDSA. He attended direct selling global meetings in Montreal (1972) and Paris (1975) which resulted
in the formation of WFDSA under Bob King’s leadership in 1978.


Guillermo was very active in WFDSA from 1972 until 2011. He attended all the World Congresses. He was for several years the Regional Vice
President for Latin America and then the Association Advisory Council for the Latin American DSAs. He was founder and President of the Mexican DSA (AMVD) and instrumental in forming all of the DSAs in Central America. Some other achievements included insuring
independent status of direct sellers in Mexico which was once severely challenged by the government. Based on his expertise, he also served as consultant at the request of the DSA of Brazil (ABEVD) to work on the same issue there.


Guillermo was a gentleman, inspirational leader, creative, author of 25 books and poetry, theater actor and director and had a great sense
of humor. His impact on the direct selling industry has been felt throughout the world through his efforts in WFDSA. He worked tirelessly to ensure that direct selling was accepted and respected across the globe.


His longtime achievements and leadership in the Federation was recognized by receiving the Distinguished Service Award during the World
Congress X in Hawaii in 1999. 


Guillermo is survived by his wife Rosita and his children Guillermo, Berta and Maru as well as lovely grandchildren. The worldwide direct
selling family will miss him. 

Messages of condolences can be sent to his son Guillermo Sanchez Chao at chao@chevez.com.mx

 French DSA (FVD) 30th Annual Congress

On April 19 – 20, FVD celebrated its 50th anniversary in conjunction with its 30th Annual Congress in Monaco.

Over 250 participants attended the event including industry representatives from WFDSA, U.S DSA, Seldia, United Kingdom DSA,
Italian DSA and the German DSA.


FVD was established in 1966 and since then the world and direct selling has changed. The conference theme “Tell Me the Story
of Direct Selling” focused on the history of the FVD. Attendees had the opportunity to share ideas in workshops dedicated to the development of the direct selling sector.



WFDSA Executive Director Tamuna Gabilaia presented a plaque from WFDSA to FVD in recognition and appreciation for 50 years of outstanding service to the global direct
selling industry.


Collaboration between University of Johannesburg and the Direct Selling Industry delivers outstanding results and curbs graduate


While South Africa’s unemployment rate continues to rise, a programme taking place at the University of Johannesburg (UJ) is proving to
be hugely successful, preparing marketing and retail students for the modern workplace and providing them with both valuable practical skills and job opportunities.

The program, a collaboration between UJ and the DSA of South Africa, began 14 years ago in 2002. To date it has benefited more than 14 000
students who have earned a combined total of R8.8 million from product sales. In addition, part-bursaries totalling R600 000 have been awarded.

The program ensures that students gain practical personal selling and sales management experience by exposing them to direct selling. It teaches them the basics of business and how to sell, equipping them with skills they can use immediately to earn an income
and demonstrate that they have acquired practical sales experience whilst at the University.

The program is a compulsory element of their marketing and retail course work.

“The initiative has a positive impact on students, by imparting sales, finance and business management skills, as well as giving them increased confidence,” says Dr Marius Wait, UJ’s Department of Marketing Management.

“Marketing carries with it somewhat of a glamorous connotation and many students and prospective employees lack an in-depth understanding
of what lies ahead in the real world. This programme enables students to be exposed to the Direct Selling Industry and gain practical work experience.”

This collaborative project has proven so successful that some UJ students are now choosing to continue with their direct selling endeavours
after graduating. The project has also been well received by industry, with many companies approaching UJ directly to employ their experienced third-year students. This competitive advantage that the UJ students have over other students is evident by the number
of final third-year students finding employment.  

“We are incredibly excited around the success of our collaboration with the DSA. Together we are creating well-rounded, competent marketing and retail students who are going out boldly and strengthening the South African economy,” said Dr Wait.

UJ Alumni, Tsidi, says that she learned to put into practice what she had learned in the classroom, and that learning about direct selling
taught her people skills, communication skills, how to think on her feet in a real-life sales environment as well as important persuasive skills. “One of the advantages of direct selling is that it’s simple for anyone to do, even with full-time jobs”.

“We are extremely proud of our collaborative efforts at UJ and remain committed to the programme. We foresee that this sustainable initiative will continue to create skills, experience and outstanding results, well into the future, and provide real and credible
job opportunities for graduates,” says Ernest du Toit, Chairman of the Direct Selling Association of South Africa.

DSA of New Zealand Update – Amway Incentive Travel Welcomed by Prime MinisterNZ 


Garth Wyllie, Executive Director of the DSA of New Zealand welcomed the news that Amway would be bringing 10,000 top achieving
salespeople from China to Queenstown in 2018.

Mr. Wyllie said “Direct Selling Companies such as Amway every year take large numbers of their sales force to different locations
around the world and New Zealand Tourism needed to tap into this area more”.

He points out that “This group follows several smaller Amway groups brought to New Zealand over the past few years of around 500 people which has built the attraction for New Zealand as a location within the company.”

“This is recognition of the profile work undertaken by Tourism NZ and the effect that high profile films have had over recent
times to make NZ more attractive” he said.

He said “the opportunity is massive but these incentive groups from this industry sector and they do not happen by accident as considerable work must happen to attract companies to bring their incentive groups to New Zealand”.

“Discussions on this possibility have been ongoing for a couple of years and so this announcement is a huge success for New Zealand Tourism”.

Mr. Wyllie said “Amway has just demonstrated it strong commitment to New Zealand with this announcement and it operates a vibrant business in New Zealand as well as this commitment”.

“We look forward to more Direct Selling companies considering New Zealand for their incentive trips in future years but tourism operators will need to ensure they can handle the many thousands of attendees for such travel if this is to be on-gong’ said Mr.


of Colombia (ACOVEDI) is Celebrating its 20th Anniversary 


2016 marks an exciting year for ACOVEDI – the celebration of its 20th Anniversary. The celebration of two decades of success and contributions
to the growth of the nation will take place at Cartagena de Indias on September 16 – 17, 2016. In March, ACOVEDI recognized member companies with more than ten years of service to the direct selling industry in Colombia.

More information can be found on the DSA YouTube Channel at:



Selida will host the 6th European Direct Selling 


Selida will host the 6th European Direct Selling Conference in Brussels on October 5-6, 2-16.  Mark the date in your calendar and register
now for this benchmarking event of the European direct selling industry. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about latest development in European Union regulations affecting direct selling, listen to inspiring speakers, network with your peers and participate
in motivating and interactive workshops.  A few Exhibitors’ spaces are still available.


For more information on the conference, please refer to



DSA of Canada 2016 Scholarships – Applications Now Being Accepted

The DSA of Canada (DSA) is pleased to announce that applications are now being accepted for the 2016 DSA Academic Scholarship Program. The DSA will award up to five (5) academic
scholarships in the amount of $1,000 each to the sons or daughters of active independent representatives of member companies or those who are independent representatives themselves. They will also award one (1) academic scholarship in the amount of $1,000
to the son or daughter of a full-time permanent employee of a member company.  These sponsorships are made possible by funding and leadership of the Direct Selling Education Foundation of Canada (DSEF).

For more details, please refer to:

U.S. Direct Selling AssociationUS


It’s been a busy first quarter of 2016 for the U.S. Direct Selling Association.  Mary Kay Inc. and AdvoCare kicked off the year’s educational
programming with the Association’s signature Companies In Focus event.  The learning continued with our first-ever online Government Relations & Grassroots Bootcamp session and an in-person Communications Summit.  Each program was an opportunity to share best
practices and approaches and learn from industry leaders.  Additionally:

Code of Ethics Modifications Take Effect – January 1 marked not only the New Year, but this year, it was also the date that new consumer protection enhancements for DSA’s Code of Ethics took effect.  Learn more:

DSA Partners With The Latino Coalition to Showcase Hispanic Success in Small Business – On March 23, DSA was pleased to announce that it was partnering with US policy and advocacy organization The Latino Coalition to showcase Hispanic-Americans’ success in
small business.  Learn more: http://www.dsa.org/news/individual-press-release/the-latino-coalition-announces-partnership-with-direct-selling-association-to-showcase-hispanic-success-in-small-business

To learn more about U.S. DSA activities, please visit www.dsa.org.

Board of Delegates Meeting

The next WFDSA Board of Delegates meeting will be held on Sunday, June 5, 2016 in conjunction with the US DSA Annual Meeting in Phoenix, at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort & Spa.  For more information, please contact:  Maureen Paniagua at:

Secretaries Seminar 
Judy CEO

The WFDSA Secretaries Seminar will be held on June 22 – 23, 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden in conjunction with SELDIA’s Board of Directors meeting for convenience.


The purpose of the Secretaries Seminar is to provide a forum for DSA staff to exchange information on best practices in association management
and to build leadership skills. Around 25 DSA staff from the European, Latin America and Asian region will participate in this event.



For more information, please contact


Association Performance Program for the Latin American Regio



The next Association Performance Program (APP) for the Latin American region will be held on July 28 – 29, 2916 in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.


The purpose of the seminar is to assist paid DSA staff employees as well as company volunteers in better managing their national DSAs,
improving the value of the services they can deliver to member companies and assisting them in meeting WFDSA’s standards of excellence.


For more information, please contact





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Global Threat Report


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Current Direct Selling Laws

Has your DSA provided a link on your respective website to current laws? Please remember to include the link on your website, as it is a DSA Standard requirement to maintain Silver level DSA or above.





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