Croatian and Slovenian DSAs Update


On December 14, 2017, the Croatian and Slovenian DSA in cooperation with the WFDSA held a conference titled “Entrepreneurship and Direct Selling” in Zagreb, Croatia.  Participants included member companies, government officials, entrepreneurs, women entrepreneurship associations and media.

Speakers spoke about consumer protection and self-regulation of direct selling companies, code enforcement which will improve compliance with consumer protection laws and the education of consumers about the difference between legitimate and illegal businesses.

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Croatia 1TG Croatia

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DSA of Russia International Conference

Russia 12172

On December 6-7 – 2017, the International Conference “Entrepreneur and Consumer – Steps Towards Each Other” was held in Moscow, Russia. The Conference organizers were the Russian Direct Selling Association (RDSA) and the International Confederation of Consumer Societies (CONFOP) with the support of WFDSA.

Over 120 people attended the event including entrepreneurs, government officials, various consumer organizations and academia as well as representatives of 31 regional offices of the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare (Rospotrebnadzor). The Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) member countries (Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan) participated in the event as well as DSAs from Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

On December 6th, the conference focused on discussions on legislative initiatives in the area of SME taxation and consumer rights protection, pro and cons of the proposed obligatory system of products labeling with control (identification) signs. WFDSA Executive Director, Tamuna Gabilaia presented an overview of global direct selling industry. Professor Olga Tretyak from the Higher School of Economics presented on the salesforce results of Russian DSA member companies.

On December 7th,   Nu Skin Enterprises hosted conference participants at their headquarters. Participants had the opportunity to test the products and answered various questions regarding distributor training, quality control, cooling off period, ect.  WFDSA would like to extend special thanks to its gracious host Nu Skin Russia and Ukraine General Manager Anna Trofimenkova.

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Ukrainian DSA Update

Ukraine 2On December 4, 2017, the Ukrainian DSA in cooperation with the WFDSA held a conference titled “Individual Entrepreneurship: New Drivers of Growth” in Kiev, Ukraine. Over 250 people attended the event including member company executives, government officials, consumer protection organizations, academics and DSAs from the European region.

Keynote speaker WFDSA Chairman Brannstrom stated “The key drivers of growth for the industry in the nearest future will be: improvement of the image of direct selling, strengthening the responsibility of companies for compliance with ethical standards and transparency of all business processes.” WFDSA Executive Director Tamuna Gabilaia presented on global trends and entrepreneurship. She stated “She stated “ 80% of direct sellers are women. Every major organization and major leaders in the world are currently looking for ways to empower women in order to spur economic growth and social change.

“The mission of our industry is to create and strengthen the middle class of Ukraine, which is of key importance for the long-term successful development,” said Tomasz Muras, Ukrainian DSA Chairman.

“Technologies are changing the economy and bring new opportunities,” stressed Magnus Brännström. “More and more people are involved in alternative employment. Therefore, direct selling are the modern industry, the industry of the future, and this future is already today.”

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DSA of Poland Update


On October 27, 2017, the Polish DSA (PSSB) in cooperation with the prestigious Warsaw School of Economics held an academic conference in Warsaw, Poland devoted to “Entrepreneurial Competences in Theory and Practice”.  Over 90 scholars, managers representing several leading economic high schools, business and industry organizations attended this informative event.  Speakers presented on topics such as the entrepreneurial attitudes of students in a number of European countries.  On behalf of the PSSB, Professor Grazyna Śmigielska of Cracow University of Economics presented on women entrepreneurship in Poland with a special focus on the direct selling industry.  She also spoke about the annual “Polish Direct Selling Day” whose theme this year was “My Time – My Business”.

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Guayaquil Entrepreneurship Fair

Ecudador Desktop 3

On October 27, 2017, the Ministry of Labor in cooperation with the DSA of Ecuador held an entrepreneurship fair at the University of the Arts of Guayaquil to promote the opportunities direct selling offers to people. More than 11,000 students attended the event. Member companies and direct sellers participated in the event. Students asked if “is this really real?” and the unanimous response of the independent direct sellers were a resounding “YES”, and you can create your own microenterprise on your own time. Major media / tv outlets covered both events.

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DSA of Ecuador Celebrates its 15th Anniversary!

Ecuador Desktop

On October 25, 2017, the Ecuadorian DSA (AEVD) celebrated its 15th Anniversary in conjunction with the gala dinner and awards ceremony.  Keynote speakers among others included the first lady of Ecuador Rocio Gonzalez de Moreno, the first lady of Quito Maria Fernanda Pacheco and WFDSA Executive Director Tamuna Gabilaia.

During her presentation, the First lady of Ecuador Rocio Gonzalez de Moreno recognized direct sellers, especially women who are engaged in direct selling. She also stated that the national government supports start-ups in the interest of the country’s economic development. First Lady  María  Fernanda Pacheco spoke about an important initiative to help senior citizens start their own business. She highlighted the importance of taking direct selling as a model of success and applying it to seniors. Tamuna Gabilaia presented on the global direct selling industry.

WFDSA presented AEVD with a plaque of appreciation for years of outstanding service to the direct selling industry.

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Ecuador 8

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WFDSA raised 42,000 Euros for SIPAR Charity



WFDSA raised 42,000 Euros for SIPAR during the World Congress XV Gala Dinner in Paris, France.  SIPAR is a French NGO that works toward the reconstruction of Cambodia through education of the youth. SIPAR builds school libraries and mobile libraries in Cambodia.  You can find more information regarding their organization at:

WFDSA would like to thank the following people who contributed to SIPAR:

Doug DeVos, WFDSA Immediate Past Chair, Vice Chairman, Amway

Magnus Brannstrom, WFDSA Chairman, Oriflame

Graeme Clegg, New Image

Gregg Corella, Exigo

Charlene, Chiang, NuSkin

Kim Drabik, Amway, WFDSA Advocacy Chair

Joao Paulo Ferreira, Natura Cosmetics

Dora Hoan, Bestworld, WFDSA Secretary

David Holl, Mary Kay, WFDSA Treasurer

Philippe Jacquelinet, Captin Tortue, WFDSA Ethics Chair

Calvin S. Johnston, Luminex

Jinyuan Li, Tiens Group

Céline Monnier, PartyLite

Philippe Sannejean, Elora

John Sherk, Amway

Rolf Sorg, PM International

Doreen Tan, Bestworld

Harry Yeung, Infinitus Company Ltd.

SL Woo, Perfect (China) Co., Ltd

Kay Zanotti, Arbonne


(Rolf and Vicki Sorg)


(Graeme Clegg)


(Aijun Li)


(Dora Hoan)

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WFDSA Announced Prestigious Awards during the World Congress XV Gala Dinner

WFDSA announced the direct selling industry’s most prestigious awards during the World Congress XV Gala Dinner in Paris, France.

The WFDSA Code Administrators Award was given to Paul Dobson, former United Kingdom DSA Code Administrator.  The Code Administrator is an independent third party, administers Code complaints and ensures that all companies which belong to DSA comply with provisions of the Code.

United Kingdom

Congratulations Paul Dobson!

The WFDSA Global Award for Industry Research was given to Judy Jones, a veteran of the direct selling industry and Amway.  She is current Chair of the USDSA Industry Research Committee, as well as Chair of the WFDSA Global Research team since 2009.


Congratulations Judy Jones!

The WFDSA Distinguished Award was given to Dora Hoan, WFDSA Secretary and CEO and Co-Founder of Best World Lifestyle.  Dora contributes greatly to the global direct selling industry.

Dora has successfully led Best World International, the only direct selling company to be listed in Singapore Stock Exchange.  With more than 40 years of experience in direct selling and business management.  Dr Dora Hoan has also won numerous honors for entrepreneurship awards, including Forbes’ 2008 Asian Outstanding Women Entrepreneur Award.  She is the President of Direct Selling Association of Singapore since 2015, former WFDSA Association Services Chairman.


Congratulations Dora Hoan!

 The second recipient of the Distinguished Service Award was given to Marie Lacroix, Director Internal Affairs in Seldia, the European Direct Selling Association.  She also is a member of the WFDSA Sub-Committee on Industry Research.


Congratulations Maire Lacroix!  

The WFDSA Lifetime Achievement Award was given to Truman Hunt, Former CEO of Nu Skin, Past WFDSA Chairman and Secretary.  Truman has led our industry for years and is a true leader!


Rich Hartvigsen, Nu Skin General Counsel and WFDSA former Global Regulatory Affairs Chairman accepted the award on Truman’s behalf.




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WFDSA Announced Winners of the DSA Innovation Program Awards during the World Congress XV Gala Dinner

WFDSA Announced Winners of the DSA Innovation Program Awards during the World Congress XV Gala Dinner in Paris, France.

The First place award went to the DSA of Russia for its multi-year public-private partnership initiative “Entrepreneurs and Consumers – Steps towards each Other”.  This event has made an outstanding contribution in raising awareness of direct selling in Russia.  The event is so impactful, that it helped to make a change at the public policy level.


Congratulations to the DSA of Russia!

The second place award went to the DSA of Malaysia and the DSA of Poland.   The second place award went to the DSA of Malaysia for setting up the “Ethics Council of Malaysia” which consists of DSA, Code Administrator, representatives from Domestic Trade Ministry and other important bodies.


Congratulations to the DSA of  Malaysia!

Another second place recipient is the DSA of Poland for “Polish Direct Selling Day”.  This is an event which annually gathers representatives from government, academia, consumer groups and media and helps to spread the message about the direct selling industry and helps to showcase the DSA as the watchdog for the direct selling industry.

The third place award went to the DSA of Ecuador for the “Direct Selling Promotional Campaign”.  The DSA found an innovative way to partner with educational institutions and reach out to younger generation and university students to show the opportunities that the direct selling industry offers.


Congratulations to the DSA of  Ecuador!

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French DSA Hosts most unforgettable WFDSA XV World Congress!

Philippe and Jacques

WFDSA would like to extend a special thanks and congratulations to our gracious host, DSA of France for hosting the most unforgettable, insightful, fascinating WFDSA XV World Congress! Our deepest gratitude from the entire global community to you!

WFDSA Awards 

WFDSA recognized the DSA of Peru and DSA of Ukraine during the World Congress XV Gala Dinner in Paris, France. These DSAs received the WFDSA Global Code of Ethics Multi-Year Platinum Participant Award.  The objective of this initiative is to even further promote and communicate the Code of Ethics and the protections it offers to the widest audience possible beyond the requirements of the Code.

Peru Webiste

Congratulations to the DSA of Peru!


Congratulations to the DSA of Ukraine!


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