Czech DSA Update

Czech DSA 1217On November 29, 2017, the Czech Republic DSA held a round table discussion on the future of direct sales.

The event was attended by Czech Republic DSA executives, member companies’, representatives from Seldia and journalists. Seldia Executive Director Katarina Molin presented on the new trends and the future opportunities and development of the direct selling industry in Europe.

“Even the current labor market trend associated with a record low unemployment rate did not cause a drop in direct sales interest. It turns out that the benefits offered by the work in this segment are still a decisive motivation for Czechs to do the business, “said Czech Republic DSA Chairwoman Ildiko Dikošová. According to experts, direct sales will continue to grow in coming years.

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Prague Entrepreneurship Fair

Czech DSA Fair1217

On November 15, 2018, the Czech Republic DSA participated in the Global Entrepreneurship Fair which was held in Prague. The Entrepreneurship week is the biggest worldwide event and is supported by various persons including Barack Obama, Prince Charles of Wales and Richard Branson. There were various events all over the Czech Republic for the week with support from Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic (CR), Confederation of Industry CR, Association of Small and Medium Enterprises of CR, and the Czech Chamber of Commerce.

The Czech DSA and member companies had a chance to promote the opportunity direct selling has to offer to people. “Our participation in the Entrepreneurship Fair has allowed us to increase the awareness about the Czech DSA and our member companies, as well as to help promote direct selling as an amazing opportunity of selling top-quality products while respecting high level standards of  consumer protection, “says Ildiko Dikošová, The Chairwoman of the Czech Republic DSA

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Peruvian DSA (CAPEVEDI) celebrates “Direct Selling Day”

Peru 121217

On November 10, 2017, the Peruvian Chamber of Direct Selling – CAPEVEDI celebrated the second “Direct Selling Day” in Peru.   This day recognizes the effort and dedication of more than 621 thousand independent entrepreneurs who have developed their own business under the direct selling model.

Direct Selling continues to grow in Peru, as it offers important advantages for customers such as personal contact and the convenience of receiving purchased products at home or at work. CAPEVEDI highlighted that the direct sales model has a socially sustainable structure with a social network capable of offering quality service to customers while generating business opportunities for thousands of entrepreneurs.

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Acting Chairman of FTC Addresses US DSA Fall Conference


Acting Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Chairman Maureen Ohlhausen addressed the US DSA Fall Conference on November 7, underscoring the importance of effective industry self-regulation working in collaboration with government regulators.

The Acting Chairman’s remarks focused on the value and importance of self-regulation, and she complimented US DSA’s commitment to self-regulation and continued enhancements of the US DSA Code of Ethics. In establishing such standards, she noted that industry leaders provide unique insights on the marketplace. Acting Chairman Ohlhausen underscored the importance of true self-regulation to government oversight agencies and how these efforts complement each other.

Acting Chairman Ohlhausen shared some characteristics of what she deems attributes of effective self-regulation, including:

  • Commitment and buy-in from the industry;
  • Adequately funded mechanisms and independence from industry members;
  • Standards that are clear, meaningful, and fair; and
  • Effective enforcement mechanisms.

The Acting Chairman also reinforced the legitimacy of direct selling companies in the marketplace. She made clear that any FTC settlement is only binding on the company that enters into such a settlement. In some cases, these settlements can provide insights but should not be viewed as “law” or a one-size-fits-all approach to the issues addressed in such agreements.

Acting Chairman Ohlhausen cited the 1975 case of FTC v. Koscot Interplanetary Inc. as the preeminent source of case law on pyramid schemes. In that case, the court defined a pyramid scheme as “characterized by the payment by participants of money to the company in return for which they receive (1) the right to sell a product and (2) the right to receive, in return for recruiting other participants into the program, rewards which are unrelated to the sale of the product to ultimate users.”

Acting Chairman Ohlhausen stated that there are nuances regarding this definition that require further consultation with US DSA and its member companies and thanked US DSA for its insights regarding who constitutes ultimate users and the appropriateness of personal consumption of product by the salesforce. She anticipates providing further guidance to the industry on these matters in the near future.

Acknowledging that consumers are best served when the FTC and self-regulators work closely together, Acting Chairman Ohlhausen pledged to continue to build on the good working relationship enjoyed by the FTC and US DSA.

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DSA of Ecuador Achieves WFDSA Multi-Year 2017 Platinum WFDSA Global Code of Ethics Participant Status

Ecuador 111717

WFDSA would like to congratulate the DSA of Ecuador for achieving Platinum participant status in the Code of Ethics Recognition Program. Their dedication and hard work contributes to even further raising the bar on ethics!

The following DSA members participated in the program:

4Life, Azzorti, Babalu, Belcorp, Gano Itouch, Herbalife, Leonisa Nature’s Sunshine, Nikken, Omnilife, Rainbow, Tiens and Yanbal.

The DSAs and member companies have to requalify every year.  Click on the link for more information on the Global Code of Ethics Recognition Program:



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WFDSA’s World Congress XV “Own the Future”


WFDSA’s World Congress XV “Own the Future” was held on October 2-3 2017 in Paris, France.   The event was a great success with an attendance of 500 delegates from more than 50 countries around the world and more than 50 CEOs and various government officials from a number of countries.

The Congress was opened by Founder & Chairman of Captin Tortue and Chairman of the World Congress Steering Committee Philippe Jacquelinet, who welcomed all delegates to event.  Emma Crosby, the  BBC journalist moderated the plenary sessions.  WFDSA Chairman DeVos officially opened the 15th world Congress.  The event brought together DSAs, member company executives, government officials, academia and media from all over the world. WFDSA Executive Director Tamuna Gabilaia presented on the global state of the direct selling industry.

Betrand Piccard, the Swiss aeronaut who flew around the world with “Solar Impulse”, the first solar-power plane shared his vision of a fast-moving world in his keynote speech which focused on innovation and entrepreneurship. Pascal Lamy, former Director of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and former European Commissioner for Trade gave insights about the current and future global challenges the world will face.

Chairman Doug DeVos moderated a discussion on owning the future with top industry leaders.

The World Congress also featured interactive workshops including relevant topics for the future of the industry such as Generation Y, the evolution of consumption and distribution, successful digital transformation, the collaborative economy, successful in Europe, the company of the future, and the future of connected tools in direct selling and social media and direct selling.

In his address as new Chairman of WFDSA, Magnus Brannstrom, CEO and President of Oriflame stated, “I am very honored and privileged to serve the direct selling industry as Chairman of the WFDSA during these exciting times.  The world is going through digital transformation.  I believe the direct selling, with its communities of people united by a joint purpose, is more relevant than ever for empowering entrepreneurship through offering quality products and services.  I look forward to continue to build and develop on my predecessors’ long legacy of improving the standards of the global direct selling industry”.

WFDSA Executive Director Tamuna Gabilaia announced that  the next World Congress will take place in Thailand in 2020.

Delegates of the World Congress attended three prestigious events including the welcome dinner, cruise on the river seine and the Gala and Awards dinner at the exceptional setting of the Chateau de Varsailles.  This unique event celebrated the end of the World Congress.  Thanks again to the French DSA for the most unforgettable WFDSA XV World Congress!

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WFDSA XV World Congress

WFDSA would like to extend a special thanks and congratulations  to our gracious host, DSA of France for hosting the most unforgettable, insightful, fascinating WFDSA XV World Congress!  Click on the link below for some pictures of the event with more to come shortly:



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US DSA Update

US DSA announces its support for the Anti-Pyramid Promotional Scheme Act of 2017, H.R. 3409, bipartisan consumer protection legislation introduced by Reps. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) and Marc Veasey (D-TX). The legislation will help consumers avoid illegal scams, and provide definitive guidance to direct selling companies in the industry on acceptable, ethical business practices.  “DSA is committed to continually enhancing the industry’s self-regulation and transparency, and has long worked to promote strong consumer protection legislation at the state and federal level,” said US DSA President Joseph N. Mariano.

H.R. 3409 would define a pyramid scheme in federal statute as it is in all 50 states. The legislation uses a similar definition as codified by dozens of states and in numerous court decisions. It would also require all direct selling companies to adopt the same gold standard buy back policy as required under DSA’s Code of Ethics. US DSA member companies must buy back unused inventory at 90 percent or more of the original cost—an unparalleled consumer protection that is not seen outside of the industry.

“At the end of the day, this is all about protecting American consumers,” Mariano said. “DSA strongly supports a federal statute to provide a definition of a pyramid scheme as all states have done. DSA will continue to have conversations to strengthen support for and help shape this critical legislation with a goal of securing its final passage.”

As the voice of direct selling companies in the U.S., US DSA sets high ethical standards, grounded in a rigorous set of standards in a Code of Ethics that its member companies abide by. The US DSA Code’s requirements far exceed the minimum standards imposed by applicable laws and regulations. It is enforced by an independent administrator, who is responsible for resolving complaints made against member companies.

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DSA of Thailand Direct Selling Day

TDSA AWARD 2017 (2)

On June 25, 2017, The Thai DSA held an awards ceremony to honor 98 outstanding direct sellers.  Secretary-General  of the Thai Consumer Protection Board Chalermvuthisak  attended the event.  Over 1,500 people including CEOs of member companies, direct sellers, media and government officials also attended the event.

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On May 26th, AVEDISCO organized its 7th annual “Direct Selling Forum”.  More than 300 DSA member and potential member company executives attended the event in the headquarters of the economic daily newspaper “Il Sole 24Ore” in Milan.   AVEDISCO was founded on July 7, 1969 and currently has 38 members.  The forum topics focused on direct selling evolution and the digital era”.   During the evening, AVEDISCO celebrated its 23rd annual awards and gala dinner with more than 180 member company executives.  The awards program was moderated by a famous Italian television host Giorgio Mastrota and awards were given to the best direct sellers of each DSA member company.

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