DSA of Brazil – WFDSA World Congress XIV

“Direct Selling: The Original Social Network” is a  theme for the upcoming WFDSA World Congress XIV since direct selling is based on a relationship model and is the epitome of social networking. One of the panels will cover major direct selling historical landmarks through accounts of the industry’s history, including memorable anecdotes involving direct selling companies. The idea is to make history come alive and to celebrate its success stories spanning over 100 hundred years.

If you have not done so, please register for the direct selling industry’s most important event that is only held once every three years. You would not want to miss the chance to discuss with peers from all over the world the power of the relationships in our business model in South America´s most visited touristic destinations. Register online now at: http://www.wfdsa2014rio.com/registration.asp to take advantage of the early bird rate which will expire on May 31st.