WFDSA Supported the French DSA (FVD) Academic Seminar on “Innovation and Trade” in Strasbourg

WFDSA supported the French DSA (FVD) Academic Seminar on “Innovation and Trade, the New Entrepreneurs in the Field of Distribution” which took place in Strasbourg, France, on April 4-5, 2013. Organized by the French DSA (FVD) and the business school EM Strasbourg, the first edition of the seminar included workshops and a two day conference highlighting issues linked to trade and direct selling, such as entrepreneurship, smart shopping, business creation, the human factor in direct selling and distribution, as well as online shopping. The seminar gathered actors from the academic, association, economic and institutional world in order to share a common reflection on the current and future issues of trade and distribution companies. Prominent speakers from the industry included Philippe Jacquelinet (Chairman FVD & CEO of Captain Tortue), Jacques Cosnefroy (Executive Director FVD), Tamuna Gabilaia (Executive Director WFDSA) and Isabelle Rabier (CEO Dermance).

Source: Seldia – the European Direct Selling Association newsletter