How to protect yourself

1. Take your time. Don’t let anyone rush you. A good opportunity to build a business in a multilevel structure will not disappear overnight. People who say “get in on the ground floor” are implying that people joining later will be left out in the cold. BEWARE!

2. Ask questions:

  • About the company and its officers.
  • About the products – their cost, fair market value, source of supply, and potential market in your area.
  • About the start up fee (including required purchases).
  • About the company’s guaranteed buy-back of required purchases.
  • About the average earnings of active distributors.

3. Get written copies of all available company literature.

4. Consult with others who have had experience with the company and its products. Check to see if the products are actually being sold to consumers.

5. Investigate and verify all information. Do not assume that official looking documents are either accurate or complete.