Polish DSA Celebrates Direct Selling Day

The 2nd Polish Direct Selling Day was celebrated by the Polish DSA (PSSB) in Warsaw on October 17, 2013. The conference was attended by 160 people including government officials, academicians, representatives of the business community, trade organizations and the direct selling industry.

The opening speeches were made by the PSSB Chairwoman Ewa Kudlińska-Pyrz and Jerzy Witold Pietrewicz, the deputy minister of economy who emphasized the importance of the branch to the national economy, also in the area of promoting entrepreneurship.

The key presentation was made by Professor Janusz Czapiński, a renowned social psychologist from Warsaw University. The speaker focused on the significance of the so called soft capital – social confidence, team and cooperation spirit, close and lasting human relations – for economic development.

In the panel that followed top economic experts and entrepreneurs tried to pin down and explain some of the major challenges facing micro businesses today such as inadequate attention paid by the government and parliament to the needs of microenterprises which are responsible today for half of the country’s GNP, lack of confidence in business relations, excessive red tape and the negligible role of innovations.

The Day ended with two workshops attended by direct sellers from the PSSB member companies. The event was also the occasion to promote the latest PSSB initiative to collect 100 thousand signatures under a petition to Polish parliament to officially recognize October 17, 2013 as the National Direct Selling Day.