Polish DSA Study Results

An article published on June 17th in the Polish edition of Newsweek magazine reported on important findings of the latest study on direct sellers commissioned by the PSSB. Some of the interesting results included a clear shift in the age of direct sellers. In previous studies people over 50 years old constituted about 25% of all direct sellers, now their share dropped to 9%, while the share of young people (mostly students) in the 18-24 age bracket increased to 30% from the previous 24%. This reflects the difficult situation on the country’s labor market, especially when it comes to high school graduates, of whom some 26% are unemployed. It also concludes that nearly one-third of all direct sellers are based in Poland’s rural areas, and finally the study also confirmed a well-known correlation between the length of cooperation with a direct selling company – and the amount of time devoted to the job – and the level of income enjoyed by the direct seller.