The Internet: India’s Key to Increasing GDP

Only 10% of India’s population of 1.2 billion has Internet access today but that figure is expected to triple by 2015, with only China having more people online at that time.  With such large numbers of people surfing the web, the potential for increased online commerce is great but it will take some cultural and business shifts to make this happen.

Internet spending accounts for only 1.6% (in 2011) of India’s GDP compared to 3.4% in more developed countries.  If the trend to shopping online continues to emulate that of these developed countries, India could surpass these current predictions.

As organizations who support direct selling companies and their representatives, we understand the role of the Internet as a medium of effective branding and communication, and its potential to reach audiences in a more targeted, relevant way. What does the Internet’s increasing reach throughout India mean to you?