CaseTrust-DSAS Joint Accreditation & Certificate Presentation Ceremony

On January 8, 2015, the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) and the Direct Selling Association of Singapore (DSAS) launched the CaseTrust-DSAS Joint Accreditation Scheme for direct selling businesses.

DSAS has taken the initiative to work with CASE on a Joint Accreditation Scheme to demonstrate the industry‚Äôs commitment towards the protection of consumers’ interests. The close partnership between CASE and DSAS has seen much progress since the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding in July 2013. Fourteen DSAS member companies have passed the stringent assessment requirements stipulated under the scheme to qualify for the Trustmark. The following DSAS member companies are eligible to be awarded the CaseTrust Accreditation Mark:

1. Agel Enterprises PTE Ltd.
2. Amway (Singpaore) Pte Ltd.
3. Best World Lifestyle Pte Ltd.
4. Creative Network International (S) Pte Ltd.
5. DXN (Singapore) Pte Ltd.
6. Elken (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
7. Extra Excellence (S) Pte. Ltd.
8. Healthy Homes Marketing Pte. Ltd.
9. Herbalife International Singapore Pte. Ltd.
10. Neways Singapore Enterprises
11. Nikken Wellness Singapore Pte. Ltd.
12. Nu Skin Enterprises Singapore Pte. Ltd.
13. Qnet Pte. Ltd.
14. USDSA Health Sciences Singapore Pte. Ltd.

With the implementation of the CaseTrust-DSAS Accreditation Scheme, consumers can expect:
1. A seven-working day cooling-off period (excludes Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays), during which consumers may seek full refund of payment made.
2. An order form at the time of sale, with clear and accurate contact details of the direct seller.
3. A well-defined complaint mechanism put in place by the business to address disputes.

With the launch of the CaseTrust-DSAS Joint Accreditation Scheme, DSAS believes that the industry standards and professionalism will be raised. Consumers can also enjoy greater protection and be assured when purchasing from these direct selling businesses.