DSA of Colombia (ACOVEDI) Celebrated its 20th Anniversary


On September 16 – 17, 2016, ACOVEDI celebrated its 20th anniversary.  ACOVEDI has evolved since it was founded in 1996 and it continues to support and promote the direct selling industry.  The DSA and its member companies have achieved a lot over the years especially the centralization of the credit status of direct sales and the formulation of the multi-level law.

ACOVEDI has established long term relations with key officials from the government, regulators and opinion leaders from Colombia and throughout the world.  Therefore, the ACOVEDI has well positioned the industry and its members.  The DSA has built a good and strong reputation among key stakeholders who have given a stamp of quality assurance because the work of the DSA with best practices, ethics and good corporate governance.

ACOVEDI is ready to face the new challenges facing the industry including the changing economic environment, legal and tax framework, the emergence of new technologies, the rise of the millennials, generation Z as consumers or consultants.   The DSA and its members are ready to move forward to the next 20 years because “We are all ACOVEDI”.