New figures released by the Direct Selling Association of Ireland (DSAI) reveal a significant rise in the number of under 25-year-olds turning to direct selling

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Figures from the DSAI’s member companies reveal a 60% rise in the total number of direct sellers in Ireland aged under-25, compared to 2011 figures.

The DSAI, the trade body that represents direct selling companies including Amway, Captain Tortue, Forever Living, Herbalife, Kleeneze, Nikken and Nuskin surveyed its member companies, and discovered that young people are increasingly attracted to direct selling. There are over 16,000 direct sellers in Ireland, and data from the DSAI revealed under-25s now make up an average 13% of them.

With Irish youth unemployment at 26.7%, according to the Central Statistics Office, the jobs market for under-25s is increasingly difficult. Direct selling, where goods are sold direct to consumers, is open to anyone, and allows young people to work for themselves, running their own small business.

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