Polish DSA Direct Selling Day


On October 17, 2016 the Polish DSA (PSSB) celebrated its fifth “Polish Direct Selling Day” in Warsaw, Poland.  Over 120 participants including government officials, parliamentary deputies, academicians, representatives of trade and business organizations and company executives attended the event titled “Direct Selling 2.0”.

The conference focused on several topics including the impact of new technologies, the future development of the direct selling industry and the approach towards competition, notably on the transition from product competition to experience competition.  A panel of experts from the IT field including a digital specialist, trend analyst, blogger and company executive discussed  when the border between traditional and on line sales is becoming more and more blurred and the time has come to put the emphasis on values.  Direct selling is in a position to offer at least one added value in the form of genuine and lasting relationships with the consumer.

The keynote speaker, Professor Piotr Płoszajski of the renowned Warsaw Business School, drew attention to the fact that we are now entering a world of converging sectors, strategies and business models, modular objects produced by a kind of “lego-technologies”.   He stated “the new economy takes a free market and technology for its starting point, but it is founded on values in the final run. What actually counts in business today is not what, but how we are selling things”.