Pro Presentation Tips: Seven Secrets To Winning The Room

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You’ve done the work, you’ve put in your time, you know your stuff—but before you open your mouth to give the presentation you’ve prepared so intently, you’ve been judged.

It’s human nature: Our brains are wired to take in all available information and draw instant conclusions. Which means that everything you do—how you walk into a room, carry yourself, and use gestures—makes an impression that has nothing to do with what you actually know.

So, how do you make sure your actions aren’t a liability—and that you send the right signals that show you know what you’re doing? In our work with hundreds of speakers and our research for Compelling People: The Hidden Qualities That Make Us Influential, we’ve seen that the key to earning the admiration of those around you is balancing strength and warmth.

Here are our seven tips for winning a room by sending the right signals with your nonverbal and verbal cues.

1. Make Yourself Big
The first key to success in a high-stakes situation is to boost your confidence. Try this: Make yourself as big as possible for a minute or two beforehand, with your arms raised high as though you just won the lottery. Take up space! You’re huge! Or, try the hands-on-hips superhero stance. It sounds silly—but it works. Your mind will listen to your body’s signal, resulting in a hormonal reaction that will increase your comfort level and decrease your fight-or-flight response to the stress.

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