U.S. DSA 2014 Global Regulatory Conference

The recent BurnLounge decision by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals was historic. The court, one of the most influential in the nation, affirmed long-standing DSA-supported criteria of what constitutes a pyramid scheme. The Court also provided clear standards on the legal use of internal consumption.

So what does this mean for your company?

DSA is assembling a panel of experts to delve into this very subject this fall. Make sure you attend the 2014 Global Regulatory Conference to benefit from their knowledge and gain a special opportunity to examine the implications of BurnLounge.

While the elements of a pyramid scheme can be simplified, don’t be fooled: legally defining them is complicated. This panel will break it all out for you and help you understand the variables involved, including the Court’s ruling recognizing the legitimate use of internal consumption.

While the BurnLounge decision is a critically important topic, it isn’t the only subject we’ll be examining this fall. Just a few of the other subjects will include:
• Priorities at the FTC
• Election Day 2014
• Current Issues in Latin America Affecting Direct Sellers
• New Strategies for Digital Compliance
• Your Tax Questions Answered
Almost 20 panels across four disciplines are being planned to provide your company with a comprehensive regulatory education to keep you informed about today’s most critical issues. Be in the audience to learn from knowledgeable industry and outside experts and take their talking points back to the office. Register today!