Welcome to the WFDSA Blog!

Welcome to the WFDSA Blog! It is one of our initiatives to digitalize the huge transformative potential of direct selling and its relations. Networking is already in the essence of our industry. In this manner, in an increasingly connected world, we are working to make Direct Selling increasingly innovative and attentive to society’s challenges and needs. In the last 34 years, WFDSA have been working to support direct selling worldwide, always facing the global challenges and looking for promoting the highest standards for responsible and ethical conduct. There are almost 90 million people working in our industry worldwide – and probably we have at least the same number of transformation histories. Our Federation represents more than 60 national direct selling associations and one regional federation, promoting integration between them and important direct selling global companies. Last year I was nominated by our Board to continue with the stunning job of my predecessors and before listing our key objectives for the following years, I would like to thank, declaring my respect and admiration, all the former WFDSA leadership. I have the privilege and the pleasure to count with some of them in the WFDSA Board and together we will be able to create the Direct Selling of the future, admired and recognized by all. Our first priority is strengthening Direct Selling’s image. We have the opportunity to show that our industry has a huge role and contribution today in a continually changing world, suffering the impact of social and environmental challenges. I believe that the diversity, with unity, will make us stronger, connecting us to the world and to the challenges of our time. That’s why our second priority is to empower our associations, improving their structures and resources. We are all connected to the same cause, mobilized by the same passion and we will all be co-responsible for embracing the extraordinary opportunities that await us. Let’s use this blog as share point, helping us achieving our challenging objectives. Very best regards, Alessandro