The DSA of Bolivia ( ASOEM) supports women in cancer treatment to feel motivated by helping them look their best .  ASOEM was founded on January 22, 2008.

Within its Social Responsibility Program, ASOEM created a quarterly workshop for women in cancer treatment called “I LOOK GOOD, I FEEL MOTIVATED”

I LOOK GOOD, I FEEL MOTIVATED is an enjoyable and practical support group that seeks to provide women with cancer who are undergoing chemotherapy and radiation, the tools needed to improve their image through the use of cosmetic products.   A person who looks good, feels better about themselves and can better cope with the disease and treatment.  They have greater confidence and improved self-esteem.

Not a medical program, I  LOOK GOOD, I FEEL MOTOVATED does not interfere with the  medical treatment of the beneficiaries.  It is not designed  to achieve any medical or psychological goal  and does not replace, in any way, professional medical advice.

The program is completely free.  Each beneficiary is entitled to a free demonstration and the voluntary make-up artists, stylists and/or volunteer support personnel do not promote their private businesses and  participate without any monetary compensation.  No company that supports the program recommends or promotes, at any time during a meeting with the beneficiaries  any brands, products, or companies.

Thanks to ASOEM’s “MY REFUGE”, an admirable institution who supports women  in cancer treatment, for opening the doors and allowing  these valiant Bolivian women to keep themselves motivated.

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