Thai Direct Selling Association (TDSA) introduces new plans to enhance and promote the Thai Direct Selling Business

The Thai Direct Selling Association (TDSA) introduced new Committees drawn from 10 well-know member companies and an Honorary Advisor position. The Committees include: Educational Committee, Government Relation Committee, Public Relation Committee, Member Relation Committee, International Affaires Committee and Event & Activities Committee.  Mr. Kittawat Ritteerawee was elected as President of TDSA and he announced target goals and the operational plans for the July 2012 – June 2014 term.

Mr Ritteerawee, noted “ I would like to thank for all believes from companies members in giving me the honor to be the President of the Association in term of July 2012 – June 2014. I will do the best to take the full responsibility and to strengthen the Association under the new vision ‘Thai Direct Selling Association ran by members who always focus on the business ethics will be the role model and reach to international standard that guaranteed by WFDSA and make belief to the public in networking business’ “

Mr. Kittawat Ritteerawee has devised four major strategies to achieve the target goals.  The WFDSA requires that all member companies agree to the STANDARD OF ETHICS that gives direct sellers and customers alike greater confidence in the direct selling business.

Second, the TDSA is ready and eager to welcome new members whose vision and ethical standards align with theirs.

Third, the TDSA pledges to enable direct sellers to realize their business potential by continuously acknowledging the WFDSA ethics commitments.

Fourth, the TDSA who is the watchdog for the industry in Thailand, aims to spread the knowledge about direct selling industry and the opportunities it offers.

Mr. Kittawat Ritteerawee  added , “I believe that with the empowerment of all committees and the Honorary Advisor, TDSA will fully achieve its goals and objectives”