New Agreement between French DSA (FVD) and Pole Emploi

In September 2010, the FVD and the national authority for employment centers “Pôle employ” signed a successful agreement. During the FVD General Assembly on December 18, 2013, the FVD and the “Pôle employ” signed a new agreement. This new agreement is in the spirit of “Pôle emplo1 2015 ” to promote new employment opportunities for thousands of people through promoting trades such as direct selling.

In the agreement the French DSA commits to following: 1) Favor the recruitment of people who are the most affected by unemployment (people from 18 to 25 years old, people over 50, people without a diploma, women and people with disabilities); 2) Participate in job fairs to promote direct selling opportunities towards the unemployed and people in retraining; and 3) Provide to its member companies’ sales force and sustainable support.

In the agreement the “Pole Emploi” commits to following: 1) Inform job seekers about job opportunities offered by the direct selling industry ; 2) Encourage its Regional Directorates to develop a partnership with local correspondents of the French DSA ; and 3) Promote the profile of job seekers