New Zealand DSA Celebrates 40 Years

The Direct Selling Association of New Zealand (DSA NZ) held its 40th Anniversary celebration on February 21st. The event was well attended and included DSA’s from the Asia / Pacific region who had also attended the Association Performance Program.

The event kicked-off with the attendees being lead into the room by a Maori welcome group and then treated to a full Maori challenge and welcome.

The first speaker was the Honourable Craig Foss from the Minister for Consumer Affairs who openly praised the DSA for its work with his Ministry in developing and supporting the recent consumer law changes. He also commented on the value of the socio-economic impact study by establishing clearly the value of the industry to the economy.

The event was a celebration of DSA NZ’s history; the first panel was of former presidents of the association with the oldest on the panel dating back to 1986. The delegates enjoyed the presentation by WFDSA Executive Director Tamuna Gabilaia who gave attendees a broader picture of the global direct selling industry followed by a video presentation from WFDSA Chairman Carlucci.

Key note speakers included Simon Mundell (Co-founder and Director of who spoke about successful business execution and ultra-marathon runner Lisa Tamati who shared her stories about her ultra-marathon races in Death Valley and the Himalaya’s. Her gritty story helped everyone to focus on the end goal no matter how long it takes to get there.