What are some helpful tips to use your business card as a marketing tool?

We loved this article by Ross Kimbarovsky and Mike Samson below is an excerpt.

According to Entrepreneur Magazine, here are six ways to spiff up your business card so that it collects sales, rather than dust:

1. Give your card a purpose. And we’re not just talking communication. Cards that multi-task will be seen far more frequently than your average business card. Turn it into a bookmark, an event ticket, a note card, scratch card or sticker. Make it a conversation piece and your business will automatically become a part of the conversation.

2. Track it. Include a QR code or SKU on your business card, and whenever you hand it out, give the recipient an incentive like discounts or coupons for checking out your site. This way, you’ll be able to track the rate at which your card compels people to action. If the current design and incentive doesn’t work, you can always try another.
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For the full text click here: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/226721# and then come back to us to tell us what you think.