What are some innovative tips to improve your e-commerce business?

We loved this article by Ryan Galloway and below is an excerpt.

According to Forbes, here are some innovative tips to improve your e-commerce business

1. Share the Voice of the Customer

Simple product information is no longer enough. Size, shape, color, width — those are expected. However, offering your customers the chance to review purchased items is an easy add-on to a bare-bones e-tail site.

Companies can take it a step further by having a representative from your company respond and react to reviews, right on the product page itself. Thanking a customer for a glowing review or offering to resolve a negative one are great ways to build credibility and put a human face on a small brand.

2. Include Honest and Helpful Details

This one is a corollary to the previous item, but so few e-tailers do it well that it warrants its own mention. If your sizes come in S, M, and L, you’re guaranteed to leave customers wondering, “What if I’m smaller than an S?”

Help them with the decision making process by providing details like, ”This product may fit awkwardly if you’re over six feet tall,” or “This item works best in dry environments.” Your customers will be grateful that you’ve anticipated their questions, and you’ll have removed a significant barrier between your customers and a purchase.

For the full text click here: http://www.forbes.com/sites/fedex/2013/05/21/5-innovative-ways-to-improve-your-e-commerce-business/ and then come back to us to tell us what you think.